Martha Jurado, who also owned a chic shop in California and is known for her sharp eye and gracious manner, canvases markets in New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas. She’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s hot, and edits an ever-changing inventory displayed in fresh and unexpected combinations.

Whether you are searching for a standout frock to wear to a gala, an epic suit to don in the boardroom or perfect-fitting jeans to lunch with the ladies, Jurado and her style gurus are dedicated to tailoring (and anticipating the needs of) each woman’s wardrobe to complement her lifestyle and personality. The engaging staff often throws open the doors after hours for shopping and champagne soirees (as well as on demand to accommodate busy schedules).


Heather: Southern belle with killer style instincts, Heather is passionate about the joys of shopping (and scoring that perfect find!).

Barb: A Jersey girl who cut her fashion chops in NYC for more than a decade, Barb is not afraid to put an edgy twist on a classic look.